Nutrition Chain For The Girl Child


The provision of mid-day meals in schools is a brilliant initiative of the Government of India. As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal.  By offering a supplement of breakfast in schools, we can build on existing initiatives to provide holistic nutrition to children.


  1. Why are we at Adonai Films – Rivers in the Desert starting a nutrition chain for girls?

The Trust is committed to assisting those involved in the space of Health and Education. Existing measures address the basic needs of those in the children homes/ boarding. However, there are many other children from underprivileged families who are subject to one or more of the below:

  • Time: Most parents in this group work late-night jobs or early morning jobs. They often do not find time to make breakfast


  • Money: Parents can’t afford breakfast as they barely manage one square meal a day for their family.

In the past our Trust has been instrumental in raising funds, kick-starting and managing large projects for various NGOs. In our various interventions, we have rarely seen underprivileged children being provided a nutritious diet in regular schools. Also, as well all know, when we take care of the girl child, the whole family is taken care of’. This is the background for our nutrition chain – a project which aims at providing breakfast supplement to the girl child.

  1. How is this project being executed?

Our Pilot project has commenced in August 2016. It is continue in a school located in Bangalore East where the children come from Below Poverty Line (BPL) backgrounds.

  1. Who are the beneficiaries and advisors?

God’s Love is for all and the benefits of the nutrition chain will go to girls from all the faiths.

The Nutrition chain is about providing a nutritious breakfast to the underprivileged. This will involve monitoring a child’s health through medical check-ups, educating the children about nutrition and spreading awareness about breakfast being the most important meal. We are backed by our panel of esteemed and efficient experts from the field of education and health.

We have started this chain with the limited funds. We strongly believe that with divine intervention we will be able to reach out to a large number of girls.

  1. Which is the age group that will benefit from the nutrition chain?

To start with, we are catering to the needs of the  primary and middle school children.

  1. How did we commence the nutrition chain and what is the criteria?

The girls eligible for the chain will need to come under the following criteria:

  • Day scholars
  • Weak and malnourished
  • Children from large Below Poverty Line families
  • Children of single mothers

Although, in the very beginning  a small number of girls were shortlisted fir the program, looking at the extent of poverty in this school we are now catering to a large number , there is a huge possibility that we might end-up shortlisting many more than we can actually afford. We hope to extend this to more children this very year and many more schools in the years to come.

6. What will be supplied in the breakfast supplement?

Milk is being supplied to schools on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Therefore we will be supplying a breakfast supplement on the days there is no supply of milk. We will be putting together the best combinations of food to provide a healthy, nutritious and sumptuous breakfast supplement. Further the menu will be nutritious and will be balance out with diet, which is widely accepted by children. For instance – Ragi Ladoos, Beaten rice – a mixed with  Milk, Jaggery and banana,  chikki bars, Vegetable Sandwich’s etc

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